WOW – Women of Worth Awards

I am honored and humbled to be the proud recipient of this year’s


WOW Women of Worth: Spirit of Success and Soul Award

I’ve been blessed as a professional intuitive and speaker to work with thousands of clients over the past 15 years and it was a special day in March 2017 to be recognized for my work with clients both in the business and spiritual communities. A big thank you for all of your nominations, kind words and the amazing stories that you shared with how my work has impacted your life.

Spirit, Success & Soul: In addition to the following 5 elements, the recipient enriches her community and/or organization through the mentorship of others. She has a strong connection to the core of her spirit, and champions the potential to fulfill personal dreams. Her skillful use of compassion, motivation and facilitation empowers the lives of others.

1. Valuing and respecting herself, as well as others.
2. Leading through empowerment and inspiration.
3. Experiencing challenges, and learning from them with fortitude and grace.
4. Standing as a role model with authenticity and courage.
5. Bringing the spirit of collaboration and celebration into the world.