Teleseminar – The ABC’s of Intuition

Is not “trusting your gut” costing you time and money?

Do you struggle telling the difference between intuition, fear, wishful thinking and mind chatter?
• Are you tired of “hit and miss” intuition; sometimes right, and sometimes wrong?
• At times do you feel stuck, procrastinate and not take action when you know you should?
• Do you struggle with making a decision in new situations when you don’t have all the facts?

I can help! The ABC’s of Intuition turn uncertainty into confidence! 
We all have intuition, however higher quality intuition is a skill that is refined through practice to:
• Clear the negativity and self doubt that impairs the intuitive process
• Transform low points in your life to prosperity points; personally and professionally
• Keep taking positive action, even when you’re scared or unsure of the best course to take

You will learn how to:
• Prevent the critical voice from “taking you out” by shutting you down and creating chaos
• Identify and trust your “personal energy signature” to provide solutions you couldn’t see before
• Build on a solid foundation of self trust and willingness to move towards your dreams

Delivery Structure and Fees
Teleseminar via phone/web from the comfort of your own home
• Seminar includes a 5-step plan to totally transform how you work with your intuition
• Investment: only $29
• Ongoing webinar dates, contact us to arrange

“The changes that have occurred in my life as a result of this program have been phenomenal. Perhaps the most meaningful change is that I now see how I create opportunity, instead of wishing it would show up. I have the power, I always had the power. But now I see it, feel it, eat, sleep and breathe it. And–I’m finally free of the life-long patterns that caused the uncertainty, stress and lack in my life.”
Claire S. Entrepreneur and Vancouver-based Business Owner of 17 Years