How do I love Me? Let Me Count the Ways!

by Cheryl Brewster

Do you love yourself as much as you wish to be loved?
Do you gift yourself the nurturing that you most crave?
Do you allow yourself to receive even when it feels uncomfortable?
Are you willing to be present with your pain and let blame go?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

While Valentines is traditionally for lovers and romance, Rumi’s quote invites introspection whether you are in a romantic relationship or not. Are you willing to find the barriers within that prevent love’s full experience?

In my mentoring with clients and in my own life, the significance of self-love is HUGE! We live in a society that is rush, rush, rush…. I’m beginning to believe that the highest form of self-love is extricating ourselves from the death grip of frantic, frenetic over commitments and schedules. To that end, Valentines becomes a very important Self-Love Day:

1. What can I give myself today, that contributes to my own self acceptance?
2. Imagine never saying an unkind thing to yourself again! What would that do to your outlook?
3. Tap even more to the divine mind within. What’s there? What’s life like from this expanded perspective? What would the goddess/god within say to you about you?
4. What regret or judgment can you let go of, to love yourself/others more fully?
5. If you had no barriers to loving yourself/others, how would that change your perception of “reality?”
6. What is that rare, unique quality within you that you have been shy of sharing? Could you share a bit of it today in celebration of the Love you have for you, for the sheer joy of life itself?

Mindfulness this Valentine’s:
1. Being present with your experience without judging it.
2. Paying attention in a particular way.
3. Being on Purpose

Happy Valentines to your Inner Lover… when we move to the divine heart within, we let go with more ease, release the need to control, we give ourselves the most amazing gift of all….

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

What does a soul-centred relationship, business, daily schedule look like? We’ll know by how much joy runs through it. We’ll know by how much we’re trusting our soul’s voice, and acting on our intuition.

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In Remembrance

by Cheryl Brewster

In memory of all those who pledged their lives for our freedom, this beautiful poem says it all this Remembrance Day

The Veteran

Alone he sits, ‘midst the chaotic room

The children, the colours, breaking the gloom

Watching and waiting, reliving the fear

Thinking of those he once held near and dear


The hurt and the pain, so clear in his eye

It’s a challenge to breathe as he tries not to cry

Memories of the past as fresh as the day

Silently, quietly, he chooses to pray


Slowly the others begin to arrive

The “wheelchairs’, the “walkers”, some barely alive

Decked out in their finest, their medals aglow

What goes on in their heads, only they know


The piper begins his tearful refrain

The hymns of the past, all over again

The struggle to stand is too much for some

“Stay seated, be honoured, your work is done”


“Learn from our suffering, avoid future pain”

“Don’t let our losses be suffered in vain”

Love one another, let’s pray peace will come

Thank you dear Veteran, our freedom you won
– Mel Elliott, Canadian Poet