Imagination is POWER!

by Cheryl Brewster

“What if?” When we ask that one simple question, we open up to an infinite realm of imagination AND high performance in virtually any area of life – from personal happiness to business success.There are two sides to the imagination coin:

  • On the one side, imagination is often misunderstood, downplayed, misused and even ignored. 
  • A life without imagination however, is a life without vitality, wonder, awe or impetus; it becomes, stale, withered, dull and boring.
  • Dreams and visions die on the vine and we are left bereft, disappointed, hardened and stuck.
  • Personal effectiveness is diminished, relationships are affected, career growth can be impeded
  • We lose hope, focus and can succumb to a sticky, heavy energy field that feels impossible to break out of.

On the same side, we can can also experience over-active, uncontrolled negative imagination where:

  • The terror of worst case possibilities pummels our self-identity and self esteem
  • We feel traumatized in a seemingly endless cycle of paralysis and self-sabotage.
  • We become immobilized, unable to access our personal power and take action to create healthy change

Fortunately, the positive side of the imagination coin provides:

  • Immediate relief, relaxation, wonder, awe, enjoyment so the “good vibes” of what we are imagining is really happening right now.
  • Access to the high vibration frequency of ease and well-being that all top achievers in their field use
  • A new paradigm free from threat: It’s called many names; being in the zone, peak experiences, the larger “field of intelligence” that is our true nature, etc.. 
  • A guaranteed path to freedom from self doubt and worry
  • Discernment with integration of both sides of the brain resulting in more clarity, easier decision making and more accurate access to intuition

Put your positive imagination to work moment by moment!

  • You will experience a greater presence; the ability to stay present and be open to what arises without judgment or threat
  • Do this enough times and you establish an internal training routine that transforms reactive stress triggers to high performance breakthroughs
  • As Walt Disney said, “it’s fun to do the impossible,” so remember – DREAM BIG!

TAKE YOUR STAND- Lead from your Imagination to tap into a more joyful, intelligent, connected state of awareness!

  1. Use “what if” – questions to direct you where you want to go, for example, what if I got today’s tasks done quickly and easily?
  2. How would it feel to be super confident? Ask the question, notice the images and feel the feelings
  3. Go back into a great memory and relive it – take that inspiration and energy into how you do things
  4. Be a kid again in your mind and have an adventure – where would you go, what would you do, who would you be? Apply what you discover.
  5. Recall amazing night time dreams that you’ve had – what did it feel like to do the impossible?
  6. Visualize yourself as a favorite super hero – who would you be? Have a conversation! What would they tell you about your life?
  7. See if there are periods of history or geographical locations that you’d love to visit – imagine what they’d be like – soak up the great vibes
  8. Imagine releasing pain from your body – what’s the first image you see? Use it frequently – trust its affects
  9. When you breathe, imagine every cell in your body vitalized to the max for optimum performance
  10. Pay attention to signs, symbols and synchronicity that will begin to emerge as you use your imagination more frequently
  11. KEEP PRACTICING! Use the ABCs of Intuition to counterbalance the affects of uncontrolled, negative imagination to stay present even when it’s uncomfortable or unpleasant.

“What if “thinking is an instant bridge to your imagination – the BRIDGE from the sub-conscious to the conscious…. when we cross this bridge enough times, we are more aware of our innate goodness and strengths. We break the bonds of past limiting beliefs. We are working in the quantum field, re-wiring the brain and creating healthier habits to bring us results we could have never accessed through logic. The mind has learned from the past. Imagination is infinite wisdom beyond what the mind can access. When we make the mind the servant and not the master, we have the winning combination of structure, brain power and vision.

The healing power of imagination works –  you’ve proven it to yourself in the past and it’s time to prove it again. It’s an endless renewable resource that is available 24/7 –  Imagination is POWER! All that is required is your willingness to engage it, to apply its wisdom and  be the super-power that you really are.

If you enjoyed this blog and your ongoing journey of  self discovery and personal development, write to us about your experience. If you’d like to learn more in either a coaching session or current workshop or retreat,  contact Cheryl Brewster  or from the web TheIntuitiveLife and check out our calendar.

Cheryl Brewster is a Personal and Business Intuitive who takes clients from Stress to Success through  Consultations, Coaching Programs and Seminars. She lives in Vancouver, Canada and is a dynamic speaker with leading edge material that captivates and inspires her audiences to greater success in life and business..

The changes that have occurred in my life as a result of Cheryl’s Intuitive Mentor Program have been phenomenal. Perhaps the most meaningful change is that I now see how I create opportunity, instead of wishing it would show up. I have the power, I always had the power. But now I see it, feel it, eat, sleep and breathe it. And–I’m finally free of the life-long patterns that caused the uncertainty, stress and lack in my life.
Claire S., Entrepreneur and Vancouver-based Business Owner of 17 Years

The Healing Power of Imagination – It Works!!!

by Cheryl Brewster

Stress can be deadly. While short-term stress can create anxiousness and overwhelm, we know all too well, that the cumulative affects of stress over time diminishes both the quality and quantity of life. A 2013  report from the  American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress, in New York reported that:

  • The annual costs to employers in stress related health care and missed work is $300 BILLION!
  • Of people who regularly experience physical symptoms, 77%  are caused by stress
  • 73% Regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress
  • 48% Feel their stress has increased over the past five years

What does this mean to you?

  • With 48% of those studied feeling that stress has increased over the past five years, you have a 50/50 chance of being a part of this growing statistic.
  • If you are a person committed to self growth, you are going to experience stress as you challenge your comfort zones
  • Finding tools that are effective, get results and reverse the stress/death connection are imperative
  • The ability to do things differently is paramount
  • One of the fastest, easiest, most effective tools is the healing power of imagination, and it costs us nothing! Except willingness,  a paradigm shift and a bit of time

How imagination heals

In his book Jung and the Alchemical Imagination, author Jeffrey Raff concludes that “disease is never a purely physical event, but includes the spirit as well.” He  says that imagination can be responsible for the onset of disease, and has a great part to play in its healing. Authors Ann and Barry Ulanov of the Healing Imagination concur; they believe  imagination helps us correspond to grace – that’s how it heals.

This is where it gets personal for each of us so using myself as an example: As a business intuitive I teach  big picture thinking,  as a coach I mentor spiritual healing , and as a  mother, to nurture and guide my children,  I rely on the healing power of imagination in::

  • its ability to get my attention
  • using all of my senses
  • waking me up to a bigger picture of life that includes  healing,  solutions and creativity that I couldn’t otherwise see
  • getting me  out of the nonsense of my negative self talk

Simple Strategies to harness the healing power of imagination:

  1. Ask yourself, “what would effortlessness do?” to get   out of the stress habit and into pure imagination
  2. Breathe into your imagination ….  create some space for it
  3. Use Active Imagination (a process that Carl Jung created), as the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious (this includes dream interpretation, visualization, and daydreaming)
  4. Whatever stress or illness may be in your life, view it as a movie…. how did it get there? What will help to heal it? Notice the pictures, images or body sensations that you experience
  5. Commit to take some form of action…. write down what had the most compelling energy from the above  and use discernment… will action on your part take you further into grace or farther away from it?
  6. Do more of what you love… the state changes created from simple things like your favorite song, exercise,  a favorite flavor of chewing gum or fresh flowers take you to a much higher energy frequency which improves corresponding critical thinking and decision making
  7. Pay attention to signs, symbols and synchronicity
  8. Have a check-in or feedback loop to test and measure the results so you can drop what doesn’t work and expand what does

Embrace Simplicity
Stress becomes ugly, rampant and deadly when we lose our capacity to live from our imagination. Just take a look at the results in your life right now: where there’s shortage, lack or illness, there will be one of two things: lack of positive imagination or undisciplined, negative imagination. Until you become aware, nothing will change… the steps outlined here are beautifully simple. Are they so simple however, that you won’t take them? Imagine what would happen if you did?

Cheryl Brewster is a Personal and Business Intuitive who takes clients from Stress to Success through  Consultations, Coaching Programs and Seminars. She lives in Vancouver, Canada and is a dynamic speaker with leading edge material that captivates and inspires her audiences to greater success in life and business..

Cheryl Brewster is a valuable contributor to the Business Management Course at Rhodes Wellness College. She is a dynamic facilitator, combining entrepreneurial wisdom and strategies for effective results. The students’ experience of Cheryl was amazing. We are thrilled to have Cheryl Brewster as an entrepreneurial/facilitation resource and recommend her services highly. – Lisa Brown, Operations Manager, Rhodes Wellness College