Get All the Answers you Need with This One Simple Question by Guest Contributor Emma-Louise Elsey

by Cheryl Brewster

Are you having trouble with making a choice or decision? Well, whether it’s something specific or an ongoing issue I want you to know that YOU have ALL the answers you need. To EVERYTHING in your life.

But all too often we literally block ourselves from the answers we need. We get in our own way because we’re afraid. One of the most common fears is a simple fear of uncertainty and the unknown – but it could be a fear of failure, fear of upsetting others (guilt), a fear of what others will think of us, or even a fear of success. All of these fears and more can stop our minds from giving us the answers we need – a simple self-protection mechanism to avoid difficulty and keep us safe. Clever eh?

So, you need answers? Let’s get started!

Here’s Your Question and Simple 3 Step Process to Get All the Answers You Need:

1. Give yourself FULL permission to KNOW the answer and TAKE NO ACTION. In fact you never need to act on it – you can decide later. Take a moment to absorb this fully before you move onto Step 2.

2. Now ask yourself, “If I secretly knew the answer to _______________________, what would it be?”
TIP 1: Remember, you don’t need to act on it. Just answer the question – as if you SECRETLY knew.
TIP 2: What we’re really doing here is asking your intuition – knowledge that comes from your gut, instinct or simple ‘knowing’.

3. Breathe deeply. Let the answer arise. Then, once you have your answer, awesome! Give yourself a pat on the back and for now, just sit with your answer and let it be.

Still no answer? That’s OK – trust and have patience. Give yourself until the end of today or the end of the week. Then just let the answer ARISE from within – imagining it rising from the depths of your true being. Perhaps it’s been hidden away and just needs to feel safe to come out – so give it a little space and time!

Remember: To get around the fear remember that just because you know something doesn’t mean you need to act on it. In fact you can know something and stay exactly where you are. Safe.

You can use this question any time to get the answers you need. Taking action may come later, but first you need to know. And once you know, everything else will follow naturally.

PS: While we did agree that you don’t have to act on it, I have a suggestion. I’d like you to reserve the right to act on it at some point in the future – when you’re ready and you want to! Just a thought…

Emma-LouiseEmma-Louise Elsey is a Salt Spring Island, Canada based life-coach, writer and spiritual entrepreneur. She is the creator of “Life Coach on the Go!” If you like self-development, you’ll LOVE having your very own life coach on the go! Find tons of Bite-Sized Articles, Tips, Worksheets, Inspirational Quotes & Get your Free Life Balance Worksheet at