Reiki is Universal Life Energy: A healing, balanced energy flow that works on all levels to provide balance and healing:

  • Physically: Reiki helps to bring balance so the body can heal itself: burns heal faster, breaks mend sooner, etc.
  • Mentally: Mental balance so that stress is easier to handle, learning comes easier, and clarity is improved.
  • Emotionally: Balance so that the everyday ups and downs of life become more manageable.
  • Spiritually: Balance so that it is easier to meditate, pray, listen to the inner voice and to act on higher guidance.
  • Karmically: Balance so that karmic ties that impede growth can be removed or balanced.
  • Etherically: Any dis-ease in the etheric web that is manifested in the physical is healed, strengthening the overall etheric web. Reiki energy is life affirming, energizing and helps release blocks on all levels, to bring balance and healing.

A Reiki Session with Cheryl also includes a debriefing of information gathered clairvoyantly throughout the treatment.

Cheryl is a Level III Reiki Practioner; contact us to book an appointment.


Same as Reading Rates (see Consultations)