“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling
deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments,
propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start
searching for different ways or truer answers.”  M. Scott Peck

“The changes that have occurred in my life as a result of  readings with Cheryl and the Intuitive Mentor Program have been phenomenal. Perhaps the most meaningful change is that I now see how I create opportunity, instead of wishing it would show up. I have the power, I always had the power. But now I see it, feel it, eat, sleep and breathe it. And–I’m finally free of the life-long patterns that caused the uncertainty, stress and lack in my life.”
– Claire S. Entrepreneur and Vancouver-based Business Owner of 17 Years

No amount of money can make you feel happy if you’re not living and working in a way that feels genuine and inspiring to you. When you are, there are no limits to the prosperity that you have access to in every area of your life.

Are you a Conscious Changemaker?
Maybe you feel satisfied with your life – but you know there’s something more. Maybe you know that you need to make some significant changes, but aren’t sure how. What I know is that the truest answers lie within you and will be expressed through a deep authentic impulse – if you are willing to listen to it.

As a Conscious Changemaker, you’re an entrepreneur or leader in your field, compelled to live an intuitive life. You are aware of positive change you want to create; inspiring others to greater happiness and prosperity as you create it for yourself.

You’re probably going through transition, but you’re willing to do the work. You’re smart, you’re motivated, you’ve got so much to offer your world and your most urgent priority right now is saying yes to what your intuition is calling you to.  This is the action stage where the rubber meets the road; you’ve read the books, done the workshops, now it’s time to apply that accumulated wisdom, take your stand and do what you were born to do. And that means trusting your intuition at a deeper level, pronto.

And here’s the challenge; things have occurred in your life that took you by surprise; hard things. You may be tired, battle-weary, feeling confused, anxious and overwhelmed. Some days you don’t feel like the confident, carefree, happy person you know you really are; you need a focus, passion and vision before you can take your stand to create meaningful success again. All of this is creating some stress in your life, and the days are long and colorless trying to make things work. That’s because you are trying to do things the old way. The old ways don’t work anymore but you’re not sure what the new ways are yet. If we’re really being honest, you sometimes experience self-doubt, wondering if you’re really meant to be following your passion at all.

And this is where I can help.

Through my work as a Professional Intuitive, I inspire Conscious Changemakers and support them to trust in their intuitive knowingness; to live life from the inside out, rather than living life from the outside in. I can help you to:
•    be more at peace as you navigate change
•    clarify your purpose, live your vision, and achieve your goals
•    find direction in your life and career
•    improve your relationships
•    experience more confidence, inspiration and creativity
•    see how change can be easier than you’re making it
•    find your passion again
•    let go of fear, worry and stress

Are you willing to let go of the safe and familiar to create space for what’s possible?  Are you willing to say yes to the calling within you?

The Intuitive Life offers the following services to support you on your path to prosperity:
1.    Personal Intuitive Readings
2.    Online and in-person intuitive gatherings and workshops
3.    The ABC’s of Intuition Clearing Calls
4.    Intuitive Mentor Programs for Individuals
5.    Intuitive Business Consultations and Intuitive Prospecting Program

Don’t let fear and self-doubt hold you back from the genuine prosperity that you deserve in every part of your life. Start where you are – tap into that intuitive voice that knows what’s right for you – and take one step forward today. Then keep going!

As an experienced Professional Intuitive who inspires Conscious Changemakers, I’m here to help you hear and follow your intuition, to know that who you are is good enough, and to live your brilliance. Let’s create some magic together.

Take Your Stand – Live the Life You Imagine!

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