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Resiliency Rescue is a part of Personal Growth and Marketplace Success
Creating our lives from deliberate choice rather than chance means we need to keep ourselves inspired and resilient in the inevitable challenges of day to day life. But it takes great courage, perseverance and commitment to step into the uncertainty of change. Our primal brains fight it. Wired to protect us, they leap in big time and the emotional affects can be alarming. Left unchecked, they become harmful rather than helpful.

The latest research in neuro-science provides empirical data that resilience is not a fixed trait and can be taught and developed. If you are taking your life, department or business to the next level, then resistance will come up. That’s only natural. What’s not natural is to stay in potentially exhausting, inner and outer toxic environments without a resiliency plan to cope with circumstances beyond your control, and the discernment to change the things you can.

Call for an introductory session to my work, if you want to explore this dynamic work to:

  • sleep better at night
  • feel more capable, confident and more empowered in challenging situations
  • enjoy work more, and leave work at work and home at home
  • create relationships and environments that are positive and supportive

In my work as a professional intuitive, NLP and Time Line Therapist®, and Hypnotherapist,  I support individuals and organizations to bring their best, most authentic selves to the world. If you have found this website and are intrigued, then you are a Conscious Changemaker being called to live the greater vision of your life or business.

I provide individual consultations, in addition to teaching monthly workshops and presenting keynotes and seminars to organizations keen to empower their people and productivity. If you are looking for refreshing, inspired, practical tools to support yourself, your team or your business, then I look forward to having a conversation with you.

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