Spirituality – Time to Shake Things Up! One-Day Retreat June 14

You’re all signed up!

I am so pleased you’ll be joining me in this very powerful event… the intention of which, is to have an EXPERIENCE of the infinite within, to enjoy the essence of your true nature… I honor the knowing in you that has responded to this very special invitation.

“If at this moment, you identify with your Self, you are Infinite.” – Lester Levenson


Please email me immediately with any food requirements or allergies:
A cafeteria style lunch is included and I must be aware of dietary requirements as soon as possible.

I want you to be fully, 100% prepared to have a very powerful experience.  To do so, please  send an email to cheryl@theintuitivelife.com and answer the following questions as soon as possible after registering:

  1. What is your definition of spirituality and mindfulness?
  2. How will you be preparing NOW to make sure you have that time cleared on your calendar and devoted to mindfulness (example: responding to this email, cancelling appointments, sharing with others for accountability that you’ll show up, practicing daily mindfulness and/or The ABCs of Intuition).
  3. What is your soul calling you to?
  4. What are the challenges, habits, hesitations or patterns of resistance that you are aware of?
  5. What are you looking forward to in this one-day retreat?
  6. Attend with “beginner’s mind” which is an open mind and heart to a new experience.

Time and Location:
Registration: 9:00 am on Sat., June 14, 2014
Retreat Start: 9:15  am
Rosemary Heights Retreat Centre
3690-152nd Street, Surrey, BC, for more information on this beautiful, tranquil location: http://www.rosemaryheights.com/

What to bring:
Journal, water bottle and clothes appropriate to weather (e.g., for outside breaks), also cushions and/or yoga mat if you prefer floor rather than chair seating for the mindful meditations. An open heart and mind.

Other notes:
This is a tranquil retreat centre with beautiful grounds. Plan on staying a bit later if you would like to enjoy the quiet and serenity of nature.

Your infinite nature is an experience beyond the body or the mind…. it is not accessible through thought. Practice deeply until we meet, to simply be your deep, adored, authentic Self…. our time together has already begun!

With much love and appreciation, until June 14th,