Mindfulness Webinar


And welcome to the 14-day Mindfulness Challenge and live webinar!
Support your learning and practice of Mindfulness to feed resilience as you “Ride the Waves of Change.”
Please fill in the form below to join me on Tues., July 12 at 10.00 am, PST. (Note the date and time change to allow for greater access across all time zones).

This live webinar is designed to answer any questions you may have and includes a  review of how you can use Mindfulness in life and business for greater resilience during transition.

As I shared in my talk,  staying in the present with focused attention, non-judgmentally is one of the most powerful skills we can develop in our modern age.  Its pay-offs are huge to both individuals and organizations, feeding resilience for personal effectiveness, clarity, empowerment, team engagement and communication while reducing stress and conflict.

I hope you can join me! While I will be recording this event for download, it’s super fun and effective to be on the call live if you can!

Here’s to your Hero’s Journey as we ride the Waves of Change together.