Intuitive Mentorship Programs WIP

As a conscious Changemaker, you are aware of positive change you want to create; inspiring others to greater happiness and prosperity as you create it for yourself. You’re an entrepreneur or leader in your field, compelled to live an intuitive life. You’re going through transition and you’re willing to do the work; You’re smart, you’re motivated, you’ve got so much to offer your world; you have natural talents and learned skills that you love, and it’s time to create more prosperity on all levels of your life, doing what you love to do, faster and easier. Your biggest focus right now is saying yes to what your intuition is calling you to. This is the action stage where the rubber meets the road; you’ve read the books, done the workshops, now it’s time to apply that accumulated wisdom, take your stand and do what you were born to do. And that means trusting your intuition and taking action, at a deeper level, pronto.

What your issues tend to be

You’re super-passionate about what you’re doing and being the best you can be; you know you have a calling, and you know it includes tons of prosperity for yourself and others. You so badly want to continually take your stand, to share your uniqueness with the world, to birth those creative projects and “go confidently in the direction of your dreams – to live the life you’ve imagined.”

But right now, you’re in the midst of transition and change; things have occurred in your life that took you by surprise; hard things. You’re tired, battle-weary, feeling confused, anxious and overwhelmed. Some days you don’t feel like the confident, carefree, happy person you know you really are; you need a focus, passion and vision before you can take your stand to create meaningful success again. All of this is creating some stress in your life, and the days are long and colorless trying to make things work. That’s because you are trying to do things the old way. The old ways don’t work anymore but you’re not sure what the new ways are yet. If we’re really being honest, you sometimes experience self-doubt, wondering if you’re really meant to be following your passion at all.

Your primary focus needs to be immediate relief from the negative emotions that are pulling you from your true nature, where your happiness, peace of mind and prosperity already exist.  As a Conscious Changemaker, you need to tune inwards to remember that place of your intuitive knowingness, then TAKE YOUR STAND; and keep taking it again and again by creating an intuitive plan, and then WORKING the plan consistently.  This way, you fill your prosperity pipeline quickly, both with the internal enthusiasm you need to show up fully for yourself, and also with the financial prosperity to feed your creative projects.

The Intuitive Mentorship Program offers you the opportunity to thrive; the ability to quickly change your mindset for powerful shifts that last.

Month I – Establish a clear objective
•    Make conscious decisions to be empowered as you navigate transition in your life;
•    Create/Refine a current Life Purpose Statement (Take Your Stand)

Month II – Strategies to support your growing empowerment
•    Uncover qualities unique to you that you are not aware of / embracing / resisting
•    Surface hurdles and creative opportunities

Month III – Focus and Follow Through
•    Cultivate higher mind awareness and clear thinking through Action
•    Ongoing strategies to support commitment, consistency and accountability

Program Benefits (Learning outcome)
•    Enhanced, automatic problem solving with confidence and ease through intuitive strategies
•    Increased opportunities and direction in niched areas
•    Clear, purposeful direction with peace of mind, confidence and focus

Delivery Structure and Fees (includes bonus CD or $25 towards workshop/webinar)
•    Standard Program Via telephone every other week (2 calls per month)
•    3 month commitment, non-refundable, post dated cheques accepted
•    Standard Program Fees: $250 + $30 (hst) = $280 monthly
•    Accelerated program, increased to weekly calls (4 calls per month) $500 + 60 = $560