Intuitive Celebrations


Are you planning a Celebration for a Meaningful Moment in your life or the life of a Loved One?

Highly respected for my work, I have a solid reputation for creating beautiful, elegant ceremonies that capture the essence of what you envision for your special day. Intuitive Celebrations is the branch of my work that I treasure most… the gift of assisting in the creation of life’s most memorable moments, both in preparation and presentation. This is truly an honor that I cherish. I have studied and incorporated ceremony for most of my life and as of 2016 I am ordained and recognized as an interfaith Religious Officiant in the Province of BC. I am registered with Vital Statistics to perform weddings in British Columbia. I am additionally legally recognized in most US States, for those destination getaways!

In addition to Ministerial Services, I offer Corporate Chaplain, Corporate Education, and Spiritual and Personal Counsel and Coaching. Please contact me for a complimentary session to assess your needs. Please also see our Facebook page.

Weddings, Memorials, and Other Important Life Markers… all days to immortalize.  Let me help you make it both memorable and exquisite with a unique ceremony designed especially for you. Drawing on my wealth of experience as a Master of Ceremonies, Speaker and Officiant,  I gather material from your life and craft it to reflect your deepest desires for your special day.  With a large sample collection of vows, inspirational readings, and blessings, I assist you in creating a ceremony that captures the beauty and essence of your celebration.

With attention to the vitally important details, I take the strain out of your busy life, allowing you to take care of the many other important preparations.


Your wedding day should be one of the most cherished and memorable days of your life, let me help you make it so!  Whether it is formal or informal, civil or spiritual, it is important to create a ceremony that expresses the deep and lasting bond that you have created and one that reflects your beliefs and desires for your future life together.  Be it an intimate, simple ceremony, gender-specific or a grander scale that includes cultures and traditions that reflect your personal beliefs and faith, I work with you to create an event that is sure to leave a profound and lasting impression.




“Tying the knot” and “The Bonds of Matrimony” are terms derived from the practice of handfasting, which in ancient times was as binding as one performed in a church. Today, handfasting can be used as a beautiful tradition as part of a legal wedding service, or simply as a non-legal ceremony of commitment.




Intuitive Salons for Bridal Showers/Birthdays/Celebrations
Hosted in the comfort of your own home for friends and family, or as a unique event at staff meetings, conferences, retirement parties, and celebrations.
As a professional intuitive, I tap into the creative genius of each person attending your function and provide a “reading” for what is most important for them at this time. It’s a fabulous way of creating context and connection with what’s most meaningful. Of course, humour is a big part of ‘Radical Joy’ in Life and Business so it does play a key role in working with groups, so I usually do a “group reading” and then break off into individual consults. I’ve done this both privately and in major corporations… it’s unique, fun, informative and memorable! Contact me to book your function. Gift Certificates are also available for future dates. Group rates dependent on the number of participants and travel time. Please call to arrange a quote.


wedding_rings_with_feather_on_soft_backgroundVow Renewal 

Whether you’ve been married 5 years or 50, a vow renewal ceremony provides the opportunity to re-affirm the love and commitment that you vowed on your wedding day.  I work with you to create a beautiful and timeless ceremony that can include parts of your original ceremony as well as some new traditions that you have welcomed into your life.  Whether it is a large event or an intimate gathering, together we create a personalized ceremony that allows you and your loved ones to affirm, witness and support your renewed vows to each other. 



pink candles with a pink roseMemorials

An end-of-life ceremony is an important way for family and friends to pay tribute and celebrate the life of a departed loved one. Grief is a journey, and a ceremony to celebrate the beautiful life of your loved one is the first step on that journey. Ceremonies can be created to reflect personal beliefs, whether that includes a traditional religious ceremony, a service that has an element of spirituality while not adhering to any specific religion, or a ceremony that simply reflects the life stories, experiences, and personality of your loved one.



Milestone Events (Graduations, Divorce, Retirement, and more)

Birthdays are a special time to honor and celebrate the presence of someone on their life journey.  Whether it’s a coming-of-age or a mid-century milestone, birthdays are a time to show appreciation and gratitude.  I create joyous, unique and meaningful ceremonies to celebrate that special person in your life. Intuitive readings for friends and family can be included as part of the after celebrations.




Divorce can be a painful time in one’s life.  A ritual filled with light and positive affirmation can gently guide one to and through the healing process to pave the way for closure and rebirth.   l create a parting ceremony that honors the gift of the past while celebrating the emergence of a new path to follow in the future.






A Graduation ceremony is a memorable way to celebrate a personal milestone with family and friends. I create a ceremony honoring the past, present, and future, marking the beginning of a new life chapter full of promise and possibilities.







A Retirement Party is an event that reflects and honors the career of the retiree and allows us to show appreciation for their contributions.  I create retirement ceremonies that are a memorable reflection of the retiree’s career and a celebration of the new path they will travel on.




couple_standing_in_front_of_new_homeHome or Business Blessings

These blessings are powerful ways of invoking positive energy into your home, office or business which are extensions of your body and spirit. I create blessings that imbue positive intentions into the sacred space in which you spend so much of your time.




mom_holding_baby_on_chestBaby Blessings and Baby Naming

A name is more than just an arrangement of vowels and consonants in the alphabet.  A name has meaning and the ability to not only identify another but also to honor and connect with each other.  Our name becomes an integral part of our identity, perhaps honoring a loved one (who we are named after) or reflecting the hopes and dreams of our parents or an aspect of our culture.  A naming ceremony or baby blessing incorporates all of the wonderful attributes that leave a lasting impression.  It can include poems and writings from family and friends, the appointment of godparents, or many of the wonderful, unique ideas that I have collected over the years, that never fail to inspire.


Full Moon with cloudsNature and Full Moon Ceremonies
Whether you are celebrating Mother earth on Earth Day, or you wish to embrace healing and releasing during a Full Moon Ceremony, I create a powerful and intuitive ritual to help you along your path.  I help you to create a sacred space to release the old and embrace the new with grounding exercises and healing rituals to shift consciousness to a higher vibration, for those next great steps into your greater power.




woman speaking to an audience

Rev. Cheryl Brewster
is an Ordained Minister of Metaphysics and offers:
Ministerial Services, Corporate Chaplain Services,  Spiritual Mentoring, Coaching and training in communication and conflict resolution.