Intuitive Mastery in Business

As a  Corporate Intuitive, my role is to provide you with
1. Intuitive insight and tools to build your business
2. Exercises to deepen  self-trust and effectiveness of your own unique intuitive process
3. Encouragement, feedback and accountability  in a safe environment

This shall be achieved through
1. An assessment of your needs and objectives
2. A combination of readings, mentoring and participatory energy work
3. A personalized Intuitive Action Plan

Level 1
Month I

Intuitive Tools to help you:
•    Make conscious decisions to help you predict, plan and problem solve
•    Tune into your market/s to increase and realize profitability for all involved

Month II
Intuitive tools to help you:
•    Uncover innovative ideas which set you apart
•    Surface hurdles and creative opportunities

Month III
Intuitive tools to help you:
•    Lead from your internal CEO
•    Continue taking consist action through the ABC’s of Intuition Formula

Program Benefits (Learning outcome)
•    Enhanced, automatic problem solving with confidence and ease, your internal CEO
•    Increased profit and expertise in niche market/s
•    Creation and delivery of unique products and services and possibilities for increased wealth

Delivery Structure and Fees
•    Via telephone every other week (2 calls per month)
•    3 month commitment, non-refundable, post dated cheques accepted
•    Fees: $250 + $30 (hst) = $280 monthly
•    Accelerated Program; as above only calls are weekly ($560 monthly)