Business Consultations

resizeforweb“Cheryl Brewster is one of those rare gems, who comes along at just the right time when you hit the road bumps in your life. She did in mine. Cheryl taps into your own intuitive ability, which we all have, and guides you through the process of what you already know. Whether it’s business or life, Cheryl has an amazing gift that she is sharing with the rest of the world. I am blessed to have her as a friend and my intuitive mentor.”  Allan Holender, Entrepreneur and Author

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What happens in an intuitive business consultation?
Like a balance sheet, an intuitive consult or “business reading” provides a snapshot in time of where your business is at. Like an income statement that reveals information for cost analysis and trends, a consult with Cheryl looks at the trends currently affecting your business that you may or may not be aware of, alerting you to important information in advance of potential risks and consequences.  The function of a business reading is to:

  • Provide insight into your market, niches and competition, increasing the possibility for growth/profit
  • Identify what is working well and what can shift or should be changed
  • Prepare you for trends that may positively or adversely affect your business
  • Assist you in decision making when all the facts are not known
  • Provide greater clarity and increase effectiveness
  • Provide risk and success assessments

Your company has its own identity, the success of which, depends on many factors. Cheryl intuitively gathers and interprets those factors to provide “potentials to be aware of,” that help you better read the pulse of your business, markets, staff and competition.

Just as an idea exists in the collective conscious before it manifests in the physical world (consider the arguments of who actually invented the telephone – Bell or others), and it becomes easier to understand how important an intuitive consult is for your business.  In addition, it’s important to identify potential blocks, within the company that can be present for a variety of reasons including poor communication skills, ineffective processes or systems, emotional or social challenges, and impediments to cooperative corporate cultures. Cheryl works with aspects of emotional intelligence and clearing techniques to improve communication and cooperation between individuals and departments.

Benefits of intuitive development in the work place include:

  • Clearer decision making and prioritizing
  • Reduced stress by clearing emotional energy fields
  • Increased self awareness and confidence
  • Positive working morale
  • Empowered communication and cooperation with management, colleagues and clients
  • Seamless living between home and work

Business Consultations   Rates and Bookings
Fees are customized to meet your company’s needs. In general, working arrangements are on an hourly, daily, project or retainer basis.  Contact us to book your introductory session to assess your needs.

Confidentiality: Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times. Clients will never be named, nor will their work with Cheryl ever be discussed. She has a standard non-disclosure agreement signed by both parties.

Training Packages: Cheryl’s interactive content-rich workshops and retreats, offered both on and off-site, dynamically engage experiential learning. Benefits include increased camaraderie and teamwork, revitalized vision, and improved productivity/creativity/decision making skills.  Download her speaker sheet and arrange a call to explore how this powerful work can empower people, products and profit in your business.