Teleseminar – Take Your Stand for Prosperity

What is prosperity to you? What area would you like to bring more prosperity to?
It could be finances, relationship, clarity, health, etc…
The ABC’s of Intuition are your foundation to increased intuition and prosperity.

Prosperity is a state of mind – It takes 21 days to create a new habit:
Can you imagine what your life can feel and look like with
consistent, conscious, deliberate intuitive focus & support for the next 21 days!

Week One – Bust Prosperity Blocks
• Where are you consciously/unconsciously blocking yourself from intuition/abundance?
• Worry and stress are habits;  Re-frame your THINKING with the ABC’s of Intuition
• Intuitive Exercise: Take Your Stand: See and think only that which you wish to be true

Week Two – Sharpen your Intuitive Abilities for Prosperity
• Your Inner Genius – Identify what wants to move through you
• Fine tune how you receive/interpret/act and make choices using accurate intuition
• Intuitive Exercise: Practice consistency in accessing/applying accurate intuition

Week Three – Mindfulness Moves Mountains!
• The POWER of mindfulness/meditation/intention: types and styles; still and active, how to
• Engage intuition, fun and FLOW to expand prosperity
• Intuitive Exercise: What would your Higher Self/Inner Genius do?

Delivery Structure and Fees
3 week Mastermind format via phone/web from the comfort of your own home
• Format includes ABC Intuitive Training, intuitive exercises, group sharing and buddy support
• Investment: only $197 + GST! Payable by PayPal below or email us to arrange e-transfer/cheque
• Ongoing dates, contact us to arrange

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I hired Cheryl to help me fast track my leap of faith into a few business ventures. I felt that there was something holding me back from fully stepping into my power and leadership. I was also someone who believes in using my intuition to guide my business decisions so I wanted to develop full trust in my intuitive abilities as I moved forward. In just a month of working with Cheryl, I identified a lifelong pattern that was causing me to doubt and hold back my authentic power. I gained practical tools to apply intuition in growing my businesses, and most of all, I feel a deep sense of peace and trust in myself that I have never accessed before. The transformations and miracles that I created far exceeded the financial investment in her fast track program. I highly recommend working with Cheryl to accelerate and elevate your business to a whole new level.  Rosalyn Cua, entrepreneur