Intuition Training

“Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and nonconscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.”
Francis P. Cholle, author of The Intuitive Compass

Intuition is the calling to “Take Your Stand,” to be a Conscious Changemaker; to trust yourself, to take action, to be happy and enjoy prosperity on all levels of your life.

In business
, Conscious Changemakers use this intelligence and stand unique in the marketplace to attract wealth and enjoy business in a genuine way that creates positive benefits for their clients.

In their personal lives, Conscious Changemakers use this intelligence to live from courage, integrity and inspiration, to make the changes they need to make, to gain more clarity, reduce  stress, to be happy and create lives of meaning and purpose.

We are all being called to live the full meaning of our lives, to create and share prosperity, and to be Conscious Changemakers. Are you ready?

  • Intuition is not random; it communicates to you for a reason
  • That communication always leads you to greater prosperity on all levels
  • Intuition is our inner genius, it holds solutions to life’s challenges and our deepest questions

Do you tap into, trust and follow your intuition?

Do you understand the language it uses to communicate to you?

Do you have the courage to trust it, to follow where it leads?

Regretfully, many of us don’t. My deepest desire is to change that!

The more you are able to open yourself to receiving Intuition’s messages, discerning and trusting them, the more you are able to have the courage to act on them.

This intuitive knowingness is always available – you don’t have to wait for the low points in life to access it. Instead, why not use your power to go from good to great “NOW!” Especially when Intuition is your path to prosperity.

Imagine what possibilities you could create if you used the power of both your analytical AND intuitive mind! As a Conscious Changemaker, tapping into all forms of your intelligence – rational, intuitive and earned wisdom – you have the opportunity to create prosperity for yourself and others. However, there is always a challenge… and that’s what makes you stronger… if you master it.