Wellness Fair – Rhodes Wellness College

by Cheryl Brewster
May 10, 2014 @ 8:00 pm – May 11, 2014 @ 12:00 am
Rhodes Wellness College
1125 Howe Street #280
Vancouver, BC V6Z
Janice Dalupang or Lisa Brown

I’m pleased to be a part of the Rhodes Wellness Event – come say hi at my booth, attend informative workshops  and spend the afternoon with us!

Wellness involves learning to actively work to improve your health. Join us in a one – day Wellness Fair in an inspiring environment where you can meet with leaders in the Wellness industries. You will have opportunities to attend valuable workshops that represent the four quadrants of Wellness (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual)

What’s in it for YOU?
> Free Admission
> Win Life – Changing Prizes
> Gain Awareness of Holistic Wellness
> Opportunities to Attend 7 FREE Health & Wellness Workshops
> Meet the Leaders of Health & Wellness
> Receive a Wellness Map to take Home
> Meet with a Life Coach or Counsellor for a FREE Mini – Session

Health & Wealth Workshops:

Understanding Body Symptoms – We all know what we eat and what we think impact the body. Walk away with an awareness of what your body might be trying to tell you.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Start – Your mind is an amazing powerful instrument. It is one of the key components of your body’s quest for well – being. The importance of managing your behavioral health is of great significance for a balanced life. The ability to rationalize in a responsible manner will result in positive efforts to achieve psychological resilience.

The Power of Boundaries – This session will provide you with some basic knowledge and experience in the subconscious affects of human boundaries.

Time to shake Things Up! – Are you happy? Are you compelled to go deeper into your spiritual journey? Have you been feeling a sense of intrigue, of something new, calling you deeper into spiritual discovery and adventure? Intuition is the catalyst of positive change and it starts with our spiritual identity. There is a simplicity to spirituality and a life that is engaging, inviting, fun and provocative. However there are times that a spiritual life can feel heavy, especially when we are going through the “Dark Night of the Soul” or are in the middle of the awakening process. Learn the ABC’s of Intuition, a mindfulness practice that assists with keeping you centered in the midst of transition.

Tea Meditation – learn how to transform the experience of making and drinking tea into a new meditation practice that will calm your mind, bring peace and relaxation, and create space for pause and reflection. SPARK Creations will share simple steps to help you integrate this technique into a new daily habit.

Bodytalk and the Physical Quadrant of Wellness – Your body has the innate ability to heal itself. By connecting to your bodies innate healing wisdom we are able to get to the root causes behind the imbalances in your body and release them creating health and well-being. Learn how Bodytalk can connect you to your physical body and to become aware of what issues you are holding in your body. Everyone will learn a technique they can use daily on themselves to release stress from their body.

Meal Times: Setting An Emotional Atmosphere – Meal times should be relaxing and enjoyable! Using an ethical care approach, individual needs are respected and food is served as it is in the home. Meal times are not just for eating wholesome food but also for sharing and listening to peers’ ideas and feelings, learning new skills and building healthy relationships with friends and food!

Other Leaders of Health and Wellness:
> Respect and Project: H.E.R.O.
> North Shore Women’s Centre
> Dale Neale Dance
> Onsite Life Coaches and Counsellors available for Private mini sessions

For more information, please contact Janice Dalupang, janicedalupang@gmail.com or call Lisa at 604.708.4416

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