Shake Things Up to Live Your Greatness!

by Cheryl Brewster
July 16, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Comfort of your home or beach! Via phone or Web
Cheryl Brewster

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FREE Teleseminar – It’s time to Shake Things Up to Live  Your Greatness!

This free Teleseminar is inspiring and refreshing – it’s an EXPERIENCE… we all know enough… but we’re not necessary following through on what we know.
So let’s make room for some inspired, authentic action! It’s time to shake things up, to embrace beginner’s mind and really put some reflection into what it means to live our creative genius… if we really are changeless, limitless, infinite beings…. why don’t we live our lives that way?

Let’s get into the nittgy gitty of:

  • What  keeps you up at night?
  • What do you really want to create for yourself?
  • If you could let go of distraction and self sabotage what would happen?
  • What is your calling?
  • What are you doing to honour the call of your Inner Creative Genius?
  • Use this summer to really listen, for  more ease and clarity in creating the life of your dreams

This teleseminar is a FREE introductory exploration into the 4 week PRACTICUM Program to Shake Things Up for Your Greatness; how to bring more personal effectiveness in life and business.   The 4 week Practicum Program begins on Wed., July 23 and runs for 4 weeks: July 23, 30, August 6 & 13.

A quiet space and open heart.
Via phone, skype or web (if via computer, please ensure you have a headset to avoid technical issues)

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