Signs, Symbols & Synchronicity – 1 Day Intensive

by Cheryl Brewster
October 31, 2014 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
518 Moberly Road
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4B2
Earbly bird by Oct 23: $99 per person + GST
Cheryl Brewster

Harness the hidden language of flow in life and business

A full day intensive with life-changing potential

  • “Read the signs” at play in your worldSSS Nov1 poster
  • Reduce stress to master a state of flow
  • Achieve practical results for life and business
  • Inspiring, captivating, refreshing

Synchronicity is coincidence with  purpose – it contains meaning, has direction, intention,  and comes from you!
When you begin to see, interpret, understand and apply the power of Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity, you:

  • Become aware of the exquisite patterns that govern life
  • Feel the world working with you, not against you
  • Increase self trust and confidence as you drop fear, worry and anxiety
  • Invite and sustain being  “in the flow”
  • Step into the wonder and awe of an unfolding world that is stunning in its potential
  • Detect the web of coincidence that surrounds you
  • See the deeper  meaning in the smallest events
  • Apply focus and intention to these coincidences to create specific outcomes
  • Engage the power of the subconscious for profound, lasting change
  • Consciously shape Your destiny into the limitless creative expression you are meant to be
  • Bring deeper meaning to your relationships and greater peace, enthusiasm and results to business

In this one-day intensive, you will:

    • Review groundbreaking  research that explains how synchronicity works
    • Learn how to use synchronicity as a powerful entry point to flow
    • Interpret the hidden language of Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity more quickly and accurately
    • Create your own dictionary of symbols to help guide accurate decision making in life and business
    • Establish a firm foundation to grow prosperity and success on all levels
    • Learn specific techniques to help with specific questions or challenges
    • Connect profoundly with your deeper level of “gut knowing”
    • Harness the power of self discovery for greater personal effectivness
    • Enjoy like-minded community and  support with other authentic change makers

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