Radical Tools for Conflict Resolution in Human Resources

by Cheryl Brewster
January 11, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Cheryl Brewster

Our ability to stay efficient, calm and focused as HR professionals is tested every single day; as a result, conflict resolution and communication skills must be strong! Trying to get your own job done, dealing with different personality types, resolve staffing or bullying issues is extremely stressful. Also, it can be challenging not to take these daily stressors home with you.  That’s why “Radical Tools” for Conflict Resolution are so important… they take a different approach to managing conflict for better outcomes. They provide relief from overwhelming emotions and highly-charged situations. Using these radical tools over time nurtures confidence, resilience and enthusiasm about your work.  These radical tools are deceivingly simple, yet utterly transformative.

A featured educator for the Canadian Society of Nutritional Managers, you will enjoy this live event hosted by CSNM as part of its continuing education for nutrition managers across the country.

Learning Objectives include how to:
• Return to and maintain a state of calm and confidence by using your own heart, (the body’s most powerful source of electromagnetic energy) for a more coherent state
• Sense what other people are feeling and needing for better communication and pre-emptive conflict resolution
• Use intuition more effectively in decision making and meeting preparation
• Leave work at work and home at home, especially on those tough days

Benefits of this learning include: 
• More tools, improved knowledge and confidence in dealing with conflict and emotional self-regulation
• Contagious enthusiasm that ignites engagement, empowerment, cooperation and vibrancy in teamwork
• Instant and progressive relief from the emotional stress inherent in conflict

Click here to register for this event hosted by CSNM (Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers)

Cheryl Brewster’s passion for inspiring  comes from her experience in the corporate world combined with her expertise in coaching and facilitation. She knows what it’s like to work under time challenged, high stress conditions and delivers powerful, memorable keynotes designed to support the specific needs of health care professionals and care givers. Cheryl’s keynotes, workshops and on-line training are filled with practical tools for positive lasting change, with an emphasis on ongoing practice for sustainable results and resiliency.

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