Practical Intuition for Business Success

by Cheryl Brewster
April 14, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Suite Genius
1737 East 3rd Avenue #210
Vancouver, BC V5N 4A5
$20 - $40

As any mom, be she stay-at-home or entrepreneur will tell you, a mother’s intuition is a highly attuned success mechanism. It’s a natural ability that’s right 100% of the time, however if we don’t  tend our inner garden, the weeds of distraction, overwhelm, worry, stress, and over-commitment can skew our intuitive discernment, gut instincts, emotional guidance system, ability to think clearly and plan effectively.

We all know that we can tap deeper into our inner genius, so what could happen if for one month we committed to using our “Super Power” even  just a little bit more than we do currently?

In our April Workshop, hosted by Mom CEO Academy,  some of the tools we will cover are:

  • How the ABCs of Intuition can provide instant relief from overwhelm and tap you into your “Super Power” for clear thinking and inspired action
  • How challenge and adversity can feed your soul rather than drain it dry
  • How asking the different questions instantly invite a success mindset
  • Visualizations to create your day and expand your sense of having enough time, resources and energy
  • How to use “Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity” to harness the secret language of flow
  • How to telepathically fine-tune your business vision to focus on your clients’ true needs (they might not even know)!

One of Vancouver’s most popular and respected experts on how to “trust your vibes,” Cheryl Brewster will inspire you to dig down deep and tap into the latent resources of your “Super Power” to balance home and business productivity and enjoy the process more. By the end of this workshop you will have learned powerful strategies to keep you focused on what’s most important and doing so with more joy, creativity and ease!

Cheryl Brewster

About Cheryl:
Cheryl’s story is one of extraordinary trust and the ability to overcome adversity… After 25 years in a successful career in the corporate world, she left it in 2004 to “follow a calling”. She founded The Intuitive Life to provide intuitive consultations, workshops and training to both individuals and business entities. In 2010 a family crisis plunged her deep into her own “dark night of the soul” whereby every ounce of her faith and stamina in life was tested. As a result, Cheryl came to recognize that with the right mindset, adversity can powerfully feed one’s soul rather than drain it dry. Cheryl’s vision is to bring consciousness to business and everyday life and her mission is to continue inspiring Conscious Changemakers to live their passion in life and business.

It’s this clear, committed, positive and practical mindset that Cheryl imparts to “Conscious Changemakers” committed to letting their intuitive genius lead. As a mom herself, and entrepreneur with over 10 years experience, she’s especially drawn to working with women keen to live the deeper meaning of their lives, to keep it sacred and intact, amid the demands and responsibilities of family, home and business.

Over the course of her career as a personal and business intuitive, Cheryl has consulted with and coached, executives and leaders in social and business projects, including company directors, Naturopaths, entrepreneurs, members in local government, and small business. She has either worked with or presented at events for Starbucks, Tourism Whistler, Vancouver Event Planners, HRMA, Christian Dior, The Districts of West Vancouver and Maple Ridge, UFCW, Continuing Education in New West, Port Coquitlam, Douglas College and many others. Clients who work with Cheryl come away inspired, transformed and fully committed to living the deeper meaning of their lives with increased clarity, confidence and self-trust.

Connect with Cheryl:
Facebook:     TheIntuitiveLife
Twitter:        @IntuitiveCheryl

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