Keynote Speaker – Canadian Society of Nutrition Management

by Cheryl Brewster
June 17, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Canada Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront

Morning Keynote – Riding the Waves of Change – Resilience and Team Building (This is a closed event for the Annual CSNM Conference)

Riding the Waves of Change – Resilience and Team Building
Are you or your organization feeling the stress that change brings?
Is the horizon frequently changing, resulting in increased stress and uncertainty?
Is the volume of day to day tasks becoming more overwhelming with less time to get work done?
Are you or your staff becoming tired and weary; is burn out becoming a genuine risk?
Emotional Intelligence through mindfulness invites creativity and innovation. This interactive lecture integrates inspiration with accountability.  Whether your focus is with clients, management or staff, the key strategy and outcome is empowerment. Transformed “pain to power” mindsets re-frame obstacles as opportunities. The result is enhanced personal responsibility  for improved communication and team rapport fired by individual and group vision.

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