Intuitive Business Mastermiind

by Cheryl Brewster
June 14, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Cheryl Brewster

Are you tired of putting your own well-being and personal happiness last?
Have you lost vitality and feel drained by the end of the day?
In times of change and uncertainty, do you struggle with feelings of worthiness and trusting yourself?

Time is not the problem. Money is not the problem. The problem is a disconnect with your Intuitive Wisdom.
And the uncomfortable feelings you have are not to be judged! They’re here to re-align you back to your Inner Genius – The Energy of YOU! That energy is wholesome, vital, fun, connected, creative and can be described as a mindset of flow.

There’s hope, solution and a whole new way of using FUN and RECEIVING as the new way of doing things…
When you have fun, do DO get more done – faster and easier.

  • Ramp-up the unique “Energy of You” to break through your own glass ceiling
  • Be the leader that you’re meant to be by aligning to flow states
  • Transform overwhelm into vitality
  • Master challenge to stay resilient and avoid burnout
  • Put the FUN FACTOR back into your business and life and KEEP it there!

Join me for a transformative 3-month Mastermind to harness the power of intuition in business. Apply proven universal tools to support your business “from the inside-out.” This is an experience of functioning from your highest self as a leader.   You will appreciate the exhilaration of making this your new constant, leading from a full cup and functioning from your highest potential.

This Mastermind is for intuitive entrepreneurs and business leaders keen to live their vision productively and purposefully. Your business will be enriched in exciting and powerful ways, in this supportive, progressive community of peer learning and support (max 8-10 participants) where you can practice new skills in a nurturing environment.

 This hands-on skill building works because you practice what you learn:

  • Practice intuitive exercises to deepen your experience of your Higher Self and spirit guides assisting for better decision-making, relationships, creativity and business building
  • Clearing/cleaning energy to drop internal blocks to increase focus, determination and accomplishment
  • Maximize emotional/energy management to ride the waves of change with more grace and ease
  • Plan how to “have more fun to get more done” in both creative and business projects

Invest in what’s most important to you

  • Regular price $1695 (save with registration by June 7 for $1395 + GST)
    Prepayment  bonus gift of 4 half-hour sessions with me.
  • Progress payments available at the beginning and mid-point for two payments of $749 and include one half-hour intuitive session with me
  • Starts Mon., June 15, 10:00 – 11:30 am 1.5 hours weekly for 12 weeks

Cheryl@TheIntuitiveLife (604-781-4022) to book your exploratory call and secure your spot or book online:

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