New Year Intention Setting & Intuitive Readings with Cheryl

by Cheryl Brewster
December 30, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
FREE VIA ZOOM (register to
Cheryl Brewster

When you feed your soul with intention, you feed it with the decision to have, be, and create what it’s always wanted for you… intention is your acknowledgement that you’re listening, committed and open to the diligent focus, listening and inspired action.


With intention, comes the courage and audacity to think bigger and take more consistent action towards the soul’s calling. Transformation occurs…. the ego mind surrenders to the heart’s leadership.

Intention is the intricate, infinite organizing power of the universe.

It’s the spark behind the syncrhonicities that surprise, enthrall and invite you to stay on the path of self-discovery, self-expression and the ascension of your soul’s evolutionary process beyond anything you could have imagined.

When you “intend” in alignment with your Soul’s calling,  all forms of fear and self-doubt are met and resolved in more loving, compassionate ways. Love is meeting uncertainty with kindness rather than judgment. That’s why intention is so important… it means you’ve doing the inner gritty work of transforming  dragons into allies helping you attain the peace, prosperity and empowerment that come from the spiritual path. Now, more than ever before, the call of the Soul has never been more needed, more powerful and more important. Listening to it is intuition. Aligning with it is Intention. Acting on it from love, through love, as love, to create heaven on earth is what you were born to do.

Join me in this beautiful “call to arms” for what’s most meaningful and precious in your life. The arms of grace are holding us, in expanding deeper levels of trust, so that this time next year, whatever your hopes, dreams and goals are, you can come back and say “I Did It!”

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