Finish Up Strong in 2017! Intuitive Strategies to Support Soul’s Desire

by Cheryl Brewster
September 23, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
518 Moberly Rd
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4G3

Finish Strong in 2017Wow… the end of the year is around the corner!
End 2017 strong with an Intuitive Life Plan for a solid foundation that you can take into next year.
Take some time out to invest in what’s most important to you for self-inquiry:
– What is your Soul’s True Desire? (It may not be what you “think it is.”)

What you will experience in this full day of self-development:
1. Insight to answer the most important needs and questions in your life
2. Deepen the experience of your Inner Mystic for greater self-trust and confidence in tackling life’s challenges
3. Visualizations, Meditation, and Self-Inquiry to access the deeper stillness of your authentic true nature
4. Practical tools to capture the hidden messages in synchronicity and sleeping and waking dream symbols
5. Strategic planning to harness the power of intuition, drop limiting beliefs and take clear, focused action

Individual Mini-Readings will be provided for all participants and workbook to support your learning for the rest of the year will be available for purchase.
To register, email or call: or 604-781-4022
Should you be unable to make this date, book a private intuitive consult with me to review and plan for the rest of 2017.

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