CSNM Mindfulness Webinar

by Cheryl Brewster
July 12, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Web or phone
Cheryl Brewster

Join our 14 day Mindfulness Challenge!

Mindfulness is your Super Power to greater clarity, confidence and personal empowerment.
Learn more about the latest neuro-science, ask questions and share your experiences….
Once we understand the reptilian brain is just trying to do its job, we can free ourselves from the death grip it has on our ideas, creativity, dreams, goals, communications, desire for authenticity and greater success and happiness in life.  We tap into our greater awareness, which offers us choice that feeds our inner resilience with solutions the primal brain cannot access.

Here’s the link to sign-up!
See you soon!


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One thought on “CSNM Mindfulness Webinar

  1. 14 day Mindfulness Challenge!
    I took this challenge a year ago; when I got an opportunity to become the integral part of the management team. Every day was a challenge to establish the authority and achieve Inner resilience. It’s the mind game and training yourself of resilience. Arising and resolving with more affirmation and positivity.
    I remember the poem by: Great laureate Rabindranath Tagore: “Where the Mind Is without Fear”
    Inner resilience: That’s the true inner resilience; “Respect for other follow being” And overcoming your own limitations. The vast country of limitations lies in thy self.
    Conclusion: Overcame: By being more proactive, paying attentions to other people’s need, valuing time, accepting, practice humility, research, setting example, values, finding solutions, disagreeing sometimes and power of saying no (overcome the fear of not agreeing. Shows your human side-instead of being yes man.), reasoning, believing in my values for making world a better place to live in. Thus; live in and letting others live.

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