4 Weeks to a New Reality!

by Cheryl Brewster
March 21, 2022 @ 4:00 pm – April 11, 2022 @ 5:30 pm
Via Zoom 7pm PT
Cheryl Brewster

What have you hidden away inside yourself?
Creativity not yet expressed? Potential not yet lived?
Unsatisfying relationships with health, finances, and loved ones?
Soul callings not yet experienced because fear holds you back or you put yourself last?
How much is it costing you?

What if you could:
– believe in yourself to accomplish more
– maintain focus, alignment, and momentum
– avoid distractions disguised as opportunities
– not be buffeted by the dramas, demands, and needs of others
– stay more positive and connected to consciousness and creativity and enjoy life more

Let’s make “March into Action” using my proven strategies!

▶️Identify an outcome or area of your life you are committed to flourish in the next month
▶️Continue to build on mental toughness for a foundation mentally and emotionally
▶️Practice deeper visualization of action in advance
▶️Access the power of your inner muse to take consistent action (e.g., your inner pirate 🏴‍☠️ for more fun in identifying and accomplishing goals)

Plus, a 20 min one-on-one with me to customize a recorded visualization specific to your intuition and area of focus.


With intention, comes the courage and audacity to think bigger and take more consistent action towards the soul’s calling. Transformation occurs…. the ego-mind surrenders to the heart’s leadership.

Intention is the intricate, infinite organizing power of the universe.
It’s the spark behind the synchronicities that surprise, enthrall and invite you to stay on the path of self-discovery, self-expression and the ascension of your soul’s evolutionary process beyond anything you could have imagined.

When you “intend” in alignment with your Soul’s calling,  all forms of fear and self-doubt are met and resolved in more loving, compassionate ways. But Intention is only truly effective when it’s supported with strategy and action.

In these powerful 4 weeks, you will learn and practice how to:
– trust and practice your intuition at a deeper level
– connect with and receive support from your “invisible team” of masters/guides/angels
– stop negative thinking patterns, be more present and not a victim of life or past conditioning
– prioritize the most important things to create your dream outcomes
– dream bigger, use the power of visualization to create and maintain high vibration states
– increase your well-being by being part of the like-minded community supporting one another

To register or learn more click here: Registration Page

What people are saying about this work:
– This last year was the hardest time in my life and your course came at the right time and helped me tremendously!
– Cheryl’s wisdom lights every path she crosses with insight, inspiration, and practical, powerful tools for everyday life.
– I got a new lease on life and actually manifested what I truly wanted!  This stuff really works and Cheryl is amazing at what she does.

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