4 weeks to Create Your New Reality of Receiving!

by Cheryl Brewster
April 25, 2022 @ 4:00 pm – May 23, 2022 @ 5:30 pm
Via Zoom
Cheryl Brewster

April Abundance: Accept and Allow! 4 weeks to Create Your New Reality of Receiving!

💠 Are you in transition and wondering what’s next?
💠 Do you struggle with being able to set intention and keep it throughout the month?
💠 Do you find it difficult to set and achieve goals because you’re not too sure of what to do?
💠 Are you so busy with deadlines that you are missing out in the joy of life?
💠 Are you making progress in the areas of your life that are difficult?
💠 Have you noticed the same patterns keep showing up and you’re not creating what you really, really want in  your life?

Join me for this powerful, transformative series to identity and remove blocks to “Receiving” your heart’s true desire. We are universally, clearing limitations to inner self-worth and outer manifestation of that worth. We are clearing up this energy field together, none of us is exempt! So let’s bring more empowerment and FUN, into releasing blocks for more PEACE, PROSPERITY AND POSSIBILITY! Yes, it’s possible, blocks are powerful energy fields we’re not using correctly. They are friends and not foes, so let’s get to work in living on purpose “soulfully” with dignity in the deep, dark places that our creativity will lead us through.

Let’s “Receive More in April” using my proven strategies!


With intention, comes the courage and audacity to think bigger and take more consistent action towards the soul’s calling. Transformation occurs…. the ego-mind surrenders to the heart’s leadership.

Intention is the intricate, infinite organizing power of the universe.
It’s the spark behind the synchronicities that surprise, enthrall and invite you to stay on the path of self-discovery, self-expression and the ascension of your soul’s evolutionary process beyond anything you could have imagined.

When you “intend” in alignment with your Soul’s calling,  all forms of fear and self-doubt are met and resolved in more loving, compassionate ways. But Intention is only truly effective when it’s supported with strategy and action.

In these powerful 4 weeks, you will learn and practice how to:
– trust and practice your intuition at a deeper level
– connect with and receive support from your “invisible team” of masters/guides/angels
– stop negative thinking patterns, be more present and not a victim of life or past conditioning
– prioritize the most important things to create your dream outcomes
– dream bigger, use the power of visualization to create and maintain high vibration states
– increase your well-being by being part of the like-minded community supporting one another

To register or learn more click here: Registration Page

What people are saying about this work:
– This last year was the hardest time in my life and your course came at the right time and helped me tremendously!
– Cheryl’s wisdom lights every path she crosses with insight, inspiration, and practical, powerful tools for everyday life.
– I got a new lease on life and actually manifested what I truly wanted!  This stuff really works and Cheryl is amazing at what she does.

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