Empowered for Excellence

Are you an HR Professional who feels overwhelmed, exhausted, and very close to burn-out?

Do you tend to put others first and neglect your own needs?


Are you one who struggles with balancing the needs of management while still advocating for employees?


Do you feel isolated, with no one to support you?


Do you feel overwhelmed, trying to juggle deadlines, schedules, and negotiations?


As an HR Professional you deal with difficult situations or deadlines and need solid tools to help you stay centered and confident.  It is easy, in today’s stressful workplace to give in to self-doubt and performance anxiety.

The challenge of motivating your team, enhancing productivity and ensuring job satisfaction can take a stressful toll.  It can lead to feeling trapped incircumstances beyond your control.

It can be easy to feel discouraged and disempowered in your day to day work.

The truth is Human Resources can be a demanding job, putting you on the front lines and in the trenches of a very stressful environment.

I’m sure you’ve tried the whole “positive thinking” schtick in the past and it just hasn’t worked out for you.

So you just go through the motions, attempting to walk the tightrope between management’s expectations and the needs and concerns of employees.

You’re burnt out, feeling lost and not sure where to get reinforcement from.

So you keep your head down, glued to your desk because you’re afraid of walking into the middle of a conflict.


HR Professionals are required to wear many hats: coach and counselor, employee advocate, conflict resolution expert, business strategist and more.

So how do you equip yourself to feel empowered to act, to have that sense of accomplishment and bring about a more productive environment to the workplace?

The truth is, many of you haven’t been given adequate training to learn how to cope with the demands of your profession.  In order to provide the essential structures, processes and tools required to build a successful team you need to understand the techniques required to manage your stress levels.

Once you’ve mastered these techniques, only then will you be able to provide constructive leadership.



The good news is that training starts with you!


It begins with practicing mindset techniques to empower you to accomplish more and enjoy your work more.

I’m often asked, “What is your secret?”

How do you stay so confident, enthusiastic, and motivated even when there are all kinds of heavy-duty stuff going on.

How do you keep moving forward despite setbacks and circumstances that are beyond your control?

In my younger years, I worked my way up through a company in the electrical manufacturing industry where I’d started out as the sales receptionist and ended up being the sales manager… I was rockin’ it… I loved the progress I’d made.

I was proud of my career, and then… management changed… and what had been incredibly exciting became incredibly excruciating.

The atmosphere was toxic, the stress was off the charts, the office politics and gossip were ridiculous.

I knew then that I needed to make some changes.

My first introduction to mindfulness…. although back in the day, I didn’t know that term..…was called “the power of the pause”… because it literally forced me to pause, and find a better way of dealing with stress and situations beyond my control.

I studied everything I could on how to be more self-aware and empowered. The principles were life-changing.

Over many years of study, experimentation and trial and error, I put these principles to the test, and began presenting workshops on the Power of the Pause… they were life-changing not only for me, but for the many people who came away inspired, to make positive, effective change at home and at work


I benefited so greatly from overcoming these challenges that I knew I could help others do the same.

I know what it’s like to come back from burn-out both personally and professionally, to find the grit and determination to make something better.

It is this expertise that has motivated me to help countless clients and organizations that I’ve worked with to feel Empowered for Excellence in Human Resources.





Be able to remain calm and centered even in conflict and difficult situations.


Find the balance between the expectations of management and employee’s needs.


Undo the natural tendancy to focus on problems and develop a “Yes” attitude.


Learn techniques to recover your self-confidence and be empowered in your job.

Learn how to empower yourself in this 4 week program.

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4


Here’s what you’ll learn!

Week One





Learn how challenge holds a Hidden Treasure full of vitality for you; reframe to find it!

You will learn to focus awareness to feed the “fire of desire” for less stress and more YES!

You will receive a magnetic waterfall visualization to “let go” of the cumulative effects of stress

Reset your brain with the many rejuvenating forms of The Mindful Minute to increase peak performance

Week Two





Practice the Beginner’s Mind to release mechanical reactions and assumptions

Utilize the Power of Decision for immediate empowerment in the process of change

Release procrastination for increase self-trust and improved work flow

Engage in mindfulness for priority and time management

Week Three





Learn how to focus awareness on the breath in order to practice self-discipline in challenge

Learn how to be present for self and others with mindful listening and communication

Manage conflict before it starts with neuro-resonance and 4:1 Positive/Negative Ratio

Use emotional intelligence to feel the way you want to feel and engage with others

Week Four





Use intuition to be more aware of the needs of others (and they may not even know!)

Celebrate your Individual and Team I Did It’s for greater synergy

Manage conflict before it starts with neuro-resonance and 4:1 Positive/Negative Ratio

Learn empowered attitudes, skillsets and foundations to continue building upon

Here is what you get with the program:

  • 4 Live one hour coaching sessions where we learn techniques and skills to support us
  • Private Facebook Group to build community and get your questions answered
  • Training on how to best utilize TheMindful Minute and the ABC’s
  • Exercises to practice the techniques you learn so they become automatic responses
  • Visualizations to tap into the feelings and bring that emotional connection


Contact me for the next course start date!

You will receive a reminder email prior to the start of each coaching session.

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Empowered for Excellence

in Human Resources

You’ll get access to the private Facebook Group, 4 live coaching calls, mindfulness exercises and visualization techniques, and more!