Dare to be Great!

by Cheryl Brewster

All great leaders have within them a dominating desire that helped them push through the tough times, to live and express their greatness. That desire must be greater than the desire to “just get by,” or the “I’ll do it later syndrome.”

Which one are you right now? As I write this blog, I’ve had to pull myself out of bed and do my best to be inspired… some bug has gotten the best of me for over two weeks now, and it’s starting to wear very thin. It took every ounce of energy to get from the bedroom to my office… but here I am. Just.. like you, when you’ve had to really push to show up, we accomplish something very great when we stand up to challenging circumstances and take steps forward, regardless.

It takes courage, tenacity and willpower to keep showing up day after day, when we are bone tired. The overwhelm can feel debilitating, the sorrow too great to bear when we’ve lost someone or something precious to us. But here’s the thing… life is really as good (or bad) as we choose it to be. Challenging circumstances are temporary but our vision, faith and perseverance must remain solid.

There are days when it takes everything we’ve got to stay afloat… and on those days, even in the midst of our discomfort, we have so much to be grateful for…

Tips to Live Your Greatness:

1. Be great now…look at what you HAVE accomplished…. balance your to-do list with a gratitude/acknowledgment list
2. Know what you really enjoy and do it.
3. When schedules are crazy busy and you haven’t done #2 above, take a few moments to imagine that you did, and make plans to do so soon.
4. Be accepting of what is, especially when you don’t like it… what can you learn from situation? What can you learn about yourself?
5. Do the little things as if they were big things… one thing at a time, with quality and mindfulness
6. When you get scared, live your greatness for others… it get’s you out of the lonely, isolated “I’m not good enough” ego default and back into service… what you do makes a difference and you need to show up!
7. Surprise someone today; do something totally unexpected that “makes” their day
8. Be grateful for what you have and who you are
9. Emulate your heroes
10. Be still and appreciate the billions of chemical reactions that are taking place in your body each SECOND
11. Have faith that whatever challenging situation in your life right now, it will pass, and your strength of character will grow as a result
12. Choose to be happy, content and grateful no matter what.

The key to personal greatness is the willingness to spend time and energy in self discovery and self development – it’s the courage to value yourself as your most valuable asset. Do that and the greatness within is unleashed. Here’s to your greatness!

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