Take Your Stand – Live the Life You Imagine!

by Cheryl Brewster

Great News! And thanks for all of your support…..
You helped make it happen! I’m pleased to report that this earlier blog post was successful in helping Monica achieve her goal of Crowdfunding for her project.
Thanks to all who helped to spread the word!

Help this mom create her debut EP album by funding the recording of her inspirational rap songs. 5% of your pledge to the Philippines.

Meet  Monica Morong… a woman from Vancouver, BC, Canada who truly epitomizes a “Conscious Changemaker,” someone fearless in Taking Her Stand for what she believes in.  I was privileged to meet Monica last year when I was a guest speaker for  Conscious Divas,  an organization for soulful women living their truth in life and business. Fast forward one year later and this busy mom with three children under the age of six has embraced her mission with a crowdfunding campaign to possibly become the world’s first conscious mom rapper of her kind!

Imagine! 3 kids under six and following her vision…. the sheer organizational ability alone is inspiring and worthy of a Hero’s Award!

But what inspires me most, is that despite many challenges in her life, Monica has still chosen to show up fully and completely expressing her creative talents.  I love that. It’s what “Conscious Changemakers” do…. we show up and say here I am world… here’s my uniqueness, this is my joy, this is what I believe in. Monica is living the life she imagined and more. I love being around people with vision… we all need them… they remind us to keep going, to keep on keeping on no matter what.

As we review the year past and the new year before us, what creativity and joy within you is itching to get out?
What baby steps will you take to find it?
What big steps will you take to express it?
How easy are you willing to let it be?
What struggle/old story are you willing to let go of?

Be inspired… Watch Monica’s video.  With only 4 days left until the crowdfunding campaign ends, you may even find yourself inspired to make a pledge. I know I was.

For more on Monica

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