The greatest wealth of all – to know and own one’s self

by Cheryl Brewster

“To give oneself has no meaning unless one possesses oneself. You can give only what you have.”- Albert Camus

This quote reminds me of the power of self love…. we all want to give our best to the world but if our inner critic is having a field day, then we’re not really owning ourselves and our meaning. I find it amazing in my own life and in my clients’ lives that when we come across uncertainty, we can revert to the automatic flight or fight response…. catching ourselves and coming back to the awareness is the process of continued intuitive expansion – letting go of what no longer works, or has outgrown itself. It’s a good thing. May not always feel that way, but it is a good thing. With greater ease, we remember that we can do this, are doing this, as we allow ourselves to find meaning in the midst of uncertainty. Napoleon Hill said that every challenge, obstacle and heartache has an equal or greater benefit. I love that! I’ve always recognized that when I take the time out to really look for the possibility of that benefit, even when it doesn’t feel that way, that I am assigning myself a Meaningful Life…..

One thought on “The greatest wealth of all – to know and own one’s self

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