The common link to intuition and happiness

by Cheryl Brewster

Have you noticed that when you are inspired, you are happy? And even if things aren’t going great, that inspiration will lift you up and out of those heavy feelings?

When we’re inspired, we’re trusting that everything is okay and that there is something beautiful and wondrous about life. Taking that higher place of vibration even one step further, being enthusiastic is an even great level of inspiration because it usually leads to action.  As Thoreau urged us, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined.”

Because intuition can only ever be available in the present moment, and inspiration keeps us here now, being inspired is one of the most effective tools we can use to anchor into our intuitive knowingness. So the call to action in this blog today, is to know what inspires you and to consistently, deliberately choose to be inspired.  The self discipline originally required becomes a habit and that’s where all GREAT things begin… it’s the maintenance that we begin to take for granted.  And it’s that slippery slide into “stinkin’ thinkin” that can soon be upon us.

So to stay present and inspired… let’s review today’s tips to help get you back into the positive, happy side of life!  Sounds silly to even say it out loud… it seems so obvious… until it’s not and we find ourselves feeling disconnected.

Today’s action:

1. Live simply
2. Tell the truth
3. Behave as if you were inspired
4. Trust that the universe is conspiring to support you
5. Let go of the past….
6. Embrace the silent, inner pulse of life carrying you… and let it!

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